HGH for weight loss

Most of us are interested in losing weight to some degree or another. Between having lifestyles that aren’t conducive to enough activity and not having time to cook healthy meals on a regular basis, most of us are carrying extra weight. In your search to find something that will help this idea you may have come across HGH, human growth hormone, and may be thinking that this has potential.

There is some controversy over if HGH for sale is good for weight loss. The primary concern is if HGH does help with body fat reduction without doing anything extra or if you need to follow a low-calorie diet and increase activity. There are studies from the 90’s that showed a reduction in body fat by 14% in people who didn’t change anything they were doing. The caveat is that all of these people were obese in the first place and studies have shown that obese people have lower levels of HGH naturally.

This doesn’t mean that HGH can’t be used by people who aren’t obese, it’s just showing that it may not be as effective if you’re looking to just lose those last few pounds. Other good news is that HGH can increase your immune system, your energy and even lift your mood. So if you’re looking to lose those last few pounds HGH may not help you directly, but some of the beneficial side effects may give you the extra you need to lose them.

Something to keep in mind is that all of the studies were conducted over the course of four to six months. While this may seem like a while, it means you could potentially lose over 40 pounds a year if you’re over 200 pounds and more the heavier you are. This also means that your body can reset where your weight is supposed to be according to your body, making it easier to keep the weight off long term.

HGH has a useful side effect; it helps reduce abdominal fat which most people are very interested in. This is because of the way that HGH works. It helps the body use fat instead of food that’s ingested. It also helps reduce the insulin growth hormone, which reduces the production of human growth hormone. This why obese people are thought to have lower HGH.

For people who are looking to lose weight using HGH can be beneficial, it will help get the process started which can be the hardest part. While people have lost weight using just HGH, a healthy diet and an increase in activity are recommended. As with any therapy diet and activity are part of the process.

HGH isn’t legal in the States, so if you’re looking to use HGH to lose weight talk to a doctor about it. This guarantees that you’re getting real HGH and if there are any complications you’re under the supervision of someone who knows how to respond to any issues that may arise. HGH is always given in injection form when under medical supervision, the reason for this is because the pills and patches are over processed and usually render the hormone ineffective.

HGH can be effective for weight loss, especially for people who have more than a few pounds to lose. The average amount that can be lost over a four to six month period is fourteen percent of your body mass. HGH isn’t legal without a prescription, to get it legally talk to a doctor. If you’re looking to get it without a doctor, you may not get anything legit from the black market.