HGH dosage article

You’ve decided you want to use HGH either for body fat reduction, to get a more defined body or even just for the health improvements that are known to accompany increasing HGH in the body. Now that you’re looking into using HGH you want to know how much to use and if you need to schedule the dosages.
The answer is yes you do need to schedule when you take HGH. The reason for this is because HGH works best when you have an empty stomach. After you eat Insulin is released to help process the food, HGH, and Insulin neutralizes each other which is why you want to make sure you take the HGH on an empty stomach. The recommended times to take HGH is first thing in the morning and at night after your last meal right before bed.
The amount that you use is based on what you’re looking to do. If you’re just looking for weight loss, you need a lower amount of HGH. The recommended amount for weight loss is one to two IU’s a day. If you’re looking to do body building, the recommended dosage is eight IU’s a day. For that amount of HGH, you need to separate the dosages into two doses.
The reason you need to separate the doses is that the liver can only process four IU’s in one sitting. The next dose should be taken five to seven hours after the first dose. In addition to taking the doses apart from each other, you need to make sure that your stomach is empty when taking both doses. One recommendation is to take one of the doses in the middle of the night if you get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night.
If you take more than eight, IU’s the side effects are more likely to occur. Side effects can range from being simply annoying to life-threatening. The more common ones are swelling joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. These side effects go away when the dose is reduced or stopped entirely. The life threatening one that is most concerning is the increased risk of cancer spreading.
Your weight doesn’t matter regarding the dosage because the dosage is based on how much the liver can process at that point in time. HGH also has to be taken in injection form, taking HGH in pill or patch form doesn’t work according to studies. The processing does something to the molecules that make them not work correctly.

One IU of the solution is .25 mg of powder in the vial. HGH comes in a powdered format that needs to be mixed with a solution before used. If the HGH isn’t in a powdered form, it’s not guaranteed to be real HGH. If you’re using HGH with a doctor supervising the doctor will give you a prescription of how much you’re supposed to use. If you’re getting HGH online, eight to twelve IU’s is the highest you should go for body building results. For weight loss purposes two IU’s is the standard amount.
HGH has been proven to reduce body fat and is useful for weight loss. It’s not a fast process, to lose about fourteen percent of your body fat takes anywhere from four to six months. The dosage recommended for weight loss is two IU’s a day, taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you take more than four IU’s a day, split the amount into two doses and take them five to seven hours apart. An empty stomach is highly recommended because Insulin and HGH counteract each other making both less effective.